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No Loss Productions & LifeBox Theatre are again collaborating to produce the New Writing Showcase StageWrite 8 – 14 March 2015 in Bedford, and would like to offer writers the opportunity to submit a script.

What we can offer you:

  • General feedback on your work if it is not selected for the festival
  • If selected: script in hand performance by professional actors
  • Audience, actor and director feedback in a post-show Q and A session, based around 3 questions that you will submit ahead of the event
  • Technical support
  • Marketing for event

What we need from you:

  • Scripts of between 30 and 40 minutes in length, either a complete piece, or part of a longer piece that is able to stand alone and be coherent for an audience
  • A maximum of 6 actors required – if there are more than 6 roles, it should be feasible for the actors to play multiple roles
  • Stage directions kept to a minimum where possible
  • Three questions for feedback after performance

Deadline for submissions is 30th November 2014.

If you would like to be involved or would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

StageWrite is a showcase to give writers the opportunity to see/hear their work performed script in hand by professional actors in front of an audience. Feedback from audiences is essential for script writers wanting to develop their work further and produce work that audiences want to see. During Stage Write writers will have a chance to hear first reactions to their pieces and also to hear from the actors who have performed their work through a facilitated Q & A session at the end of each piece

Olympilads 2

Stage Write Week 2014

D by Ben HaynesA tale of drugs, divorce, heartbreak and the realisation that there is more to life

Generation by Paul HorsleyFollowing an unprecedented tragedy at a School two teachers deal with the repercussions

Extra Time by Tim CaswellRecalls the post-war “giant killing” days when Bedford’s famous Eagles football team sent shock waves around the world

The Sandman Devised by Mike Carter & Adie Mueller - How much of what we see is really what we think we see?

Philadelphia by Jonathan BoustedWhen Carol dies, Alex returns to the childhood and brother he chose to forget

Giving Up by Phil MardlinA comedy exploring marriage in modern life

Olympilads by Andy MurdockA story about a family plagued with mental health issues and addressing the stigma attached

Fat Chance by Nick HuntingtonThis is going to be the first fat person’s workout DVD, made for fat people, and get this – presented by fat people 

Our fellow collaboraters have a gorgeous website have a look and see what else they are up to

If you are a writer or actor based in Bedfordshire we would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment here or send us a tweet or emailThanks to Tim Matthews for Artwork

Stage Write Week 2013


The Valley by Tamara Micner Ali’s having a crisis and refuses to leave the woods. Ben and Lauren have invested millions in a startup whose founder has suddenly disappeared. Nikki, Dan, and Neil are desperate to get funding and get out of debt: will they find a way before their company — and their friendship — fall apart?

Our Brave New Future by Andrew Maddock What if the world could go back to before nobody cared what phone you had? You know before this world we’ve grown into and not lived in, existed, This free for all, pay as you go, micro transaction….  contains strong language.

Confetti by Tim Foley We are gathered here today to remember Harry Echo. A dark comedy about a father’s struggle with grief.

Fractured by Philip Mardlin Charlie and Tom have never been the closest father and son, but when Charlie becomes ill and Tom is forced to take care of him, the cracks begin to show.  Will they be able to mend their relationship before it’s too late?

 All’s Wells by Ryan Miller “…it’s hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced, y’know, life. There’s so much out there…” Two people searching for something, will they find it together or go their separate ways? A gentle comedy exploring the fragile cycle of relationships. Some strong language.

The Widow by Liam Thatcher How do you rebuild your life when all you have left are fragmented memories and peculiar obsessions? The Widow is a dark comedy about a young man starting from scratch, armed only with a passion for envelopes, a fear of death and a strange affinity with Bertrand Russell.

Cake by Lizzie Thomas and John Handscombe An estranged daughter returns home to get involved with the family’s bakery business, putting up with her father and brother’s eccentricities in the process. Pilot of a sitcom written for radio…

Nick Huntington in The Valley

Nick Huntington in The Valley

The Truth about Britney Shithouse by Mike Carter Britnay Shithouse, a crumbling drag diva, prepares to perform in another tawdry club. But first she must deal with the manager who’s bankrupting her, her senile mother who’s languishing in a nursing home, an anonymous death threat and a salacious journalist after her story. The Truth about Britnay Shithouse is a tragi-comedy with music, exploring our crisis of national identity through allegory and the imagery of dreams.

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