November 2012

No Loss newbie, Beth Miller has swapped the glitz and glamour of performing Romeo and Juliet on Italian balconies for a wild rumpus as the ditzy but loveable Fuzz ball…sounds just like our kind of girl!








Beth started acting as a hobby, following her older sister to drama group at the weekends. Years later this hobby has developed into a full time profession.

“After leaving the theatre group I developed my passion and rather than have it just as a hobby I thought do you know what I’d really like to do this for a living. Over the last couple of years I have been touring with different productions.

“What I love about theatre is the live audience and depending on what show you’re doing and depending what kind of audience it is, you know it’s going to be a different show every night because of the way the audience will react to that. I do love the raw energy of theatre.”








It was through the power of social media that Beth came into contact with No Loss Productions and she is thrilled at the opportunity to be part of a story she knows so well, she said:

“I didn’t actually grow up with the story of the Wild Things it but I got into it through reading it to my 3-year-old niece and I thought this is quite a good one. So when it came up I thought ah!

“ It’s quite interesting because it’s quite a short story so wondering how it would be as a piece and from looking at the company on their website and seeing the quality of production that they put out I thought it would be something quite exciting. Being able to see the passion involved when I was at the workshop was good and it made me quite excited at the possibility of being  involved in the piece.”

So what can we expect from her character, Fuzz ball?

“She’s little bit ditzy, I’d say. I feel reading through the script Fuzz Ball’s a bit young and a bit stupid. Completely harmless not doing it to be horrible or anything.

“I’m excited about work-shopping it and playing around with the character to find the right shape, and voice and figuring out how she  interact’s with the other characters, but I think it’s going to be a fun one.

You can see Beth aka Fuzz Ball in action from 12th December. Tickets are available from

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